quarta-feira, 10 de julho de 2024

Wisdom Is Content

She does not change your "status" in the disconnected world until an apparent change can be seen as an outcome of your search, because fools are guided by appearance. So if they don't "smile" to you while you're "poor", you will see the manifestation of their "desire" when they see you owning those "things" they'd like to have. What for? Since they don't seek Her, they'd never be able to find a purpose for them and make them real. Nonetheless, you'll feel that they are "vibrant" towards you, communicating with their eyes that they'd love to be close to you. Obviously, it's because of their idols, not the One inside you or you.

Fools, who don't find their peace and safety in Her, and don't talk to you now that you're not "wealthy" and have no "goods" to show them, pretending they have a good reason not to do it, thinking, "I'm not going to talk to that guy because I don't know who he is", will definitely find the "courage" that lacks in them when you "change". No matter how wise you become, since they themselves are not wholeheartedly looking for Her, they'll still have doubts about you, as if the problem were in you. A lot of what do they want? If you have a lot of Her, you have enough for yourself and another just soul, except for the unstable.

Why was Jesus so problematic? If He was the Solution, couldn't He just have shown them "more" so that they could finally decide to "believe" in Him? Well, isn't it obvious? Then He would no longer be giving Himself, but the lies they wanted.

Don't you think that weakness of mind stinks? Because most people in this bizarre world respect the wicked for being "famous". Would someone with Content have a greater chance of having messages answered in there if they were empty but he or she were "famous"? This is the fallen star's world and we know the control he has over their souls. He's done a great "job" stealing their Reason, hasn't he? Because they can't even think that that super "different" person that makes them all "excited" is nothing but a piece of meat that will rot under ground with the "random ones", and is in danger of spending the eternity with him who invented the "fame" shit.

According to the Message, anyone who does not forsake "all" cannot come to the Moon and have Good. And if you do not have the desire of One in you, you cannot return to the State. That means whosoever can't talk to us at the moment, can't talk because they're not in the Classroom and therefore their lips are not the mine they should be to be really relevant. Because there's only one love of Cinema that matters to receive and give, and every other "love" is nerdy. That is, if you can't sell the world, you can't buy the Truth and be a real man or woman. You'll remain nothing but a "christian", a "church" goer and appearance reader who cannot have your broken LINK fixed.

It's true what they read and say: God gave the Word. However, the ones who truly believe in Him are those who receive the whole Word, and not only the parts they find convenient, suitable, fitting in there where the "life" they want and seek is. For even those parts they are unable to interpret correctly without answering to the Call as a disciple does.

If you're not one of us, every new day you'll still be in danger, out of the good While.

Just make sure you are not really a part of the "club".