sábado, 6 de julho de 2024

Ready Steady Go

"For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that."

Most people, including those you meet at "church", are like, "Please, God, I can't die yet, I still need to buy a helicopter and an island", and He answers, "What for?". Since they are too busy with their "dreams" to question what's really relevant to have, they can't hear Him, and therefore He just wishes them good luck. Sometimes they're not that "ambitious", still that doesn't mean they're humble, though they think that wanting cheaper "things" makes them eligible for divine intervention.

Why would I return to "society"? To be another poor soul who's got more important "things" to care about than to become rich? There is no Happiness away from the sanctity of Sophia; you'll never be really important to and respected by someone who is in there, until he or she decides to seek Her first as their most prized Thing of all and leave that wicked, separated from Him world. Does it matter to be surrounded by a multitude of things and people without a purpose? In that world you will always be alone.