sábado, 6 de julho de 2024

Do You Want More?

"Or who hath first given to him, and it shall be recompensed unto him again?"

When they hear from each other, "Give me a chance", they think it's a dream come true. What could go wrong? Everything, if both are empty and wanting not the same Thing. How do we analyze if their heads are over Hills? A chance to give or receive? If both have not received Love first, they would only be asking each other for what neither of them has to give. Then it's going to be always only a matter of time for the ego war to begin. Because that's what the unbeliever really expects the other to be: her God or his Goddess. So it's not cute to hear them say, "Give me a chance to be loved by you". It's insane.

It's different when you're dealing with a believer, who might not know he or she can believe, and they see the Thing in you. Or it could also happen that they are so drunk that they are unable to see, but later they come to realize all that time you have never been alone. And I also understand that someone who likes you could go straight to the Source because of you, to be able to say, "Give me a chance to love you". Maybe a person who doesn't like you so much would not change for you, feel inspired to be this mature. It's lovely when one wants to have all the really nice things you'd like to hear. That's ambitious.

Whoever wants Protection, to receive and give, is an angel. But in a world where people are obsessed with their own will, they'd rather believe they can handle it by them "selves". Well, most don't seem to perceive that even if they're not possessed, they still have an enemy within to deal with. So until you find Truth and decide that's All you want to keep looking for, you're still a part of that wicked system and defenseless against its threats. It's true, going to "church" profits nothing. Even the devil goes to "church" and feels at home there, because he is hearing bullshit in Truth's clothing, they don't really know what they're talking about.

What happens when you talk about the little church to a girl in codes? The moment you turn around she'll probably understand it's a code, because even in the "church" they are about asking for a chance to be "loved". If you were not mistaken about her and her dislike of the "club" and the "party", it's going to be hard for her to walk away without asking her faithful self what were you trying to do. It's a battle though, because her "self" is also there trying to take control, telling her there's no Truth to be found Out there, like, "God? He only watches. You can't stay at home forever, you've got to party and taste what the world has to offer".

The "chemistry" people seek in others who are no Where real lovers are, is no different from that of drugs. So if you're thinking about using some strange girl or boy's body, the first line of cocaine is still a "better" deal, it's more "intense".