sábado, 6 de julho de 2024

Blowing Blessings

So... before coming home I stopped by the store in which the radio seemed to be broken last Time, and it was silent, no hissing noise this Time. But then it started playing a song that talked about a wine and a plane that took the lips that should be mine away. Well, that's not exactly what the song you find out there says, it's what we listen to when we are Out there. Because the Extraordinary is nowhere to be found, except within us, if we choose to live in this different Time searching for the Treasure like crazy.

Was I supposed to be jealous? I tried, but I couldn't, because the ears were never really His, so how could the lips be mine? Since whoever can't hear has not much to say, I don't waste my Time searching for, imagining in my mind, that is worthless without, disconnected from the Mind, any ordinary word I may not have been selected to hear, because that's no real privilege to me. I know those places are full of his favorite sin, and of Course I believe that losing has its advantages.

That's my real Job, that's what I do.

I win the Teacher.