quinta-feira, 4 de julho de 2024

Rebellious Or Treacherous?

A "church" is the best place for a drunk soul, who doesn't have a reason to wake up, to pretend virtue and deceive other fools. Because most people there believe in a "good" and severeless God, so if you can't feel anything for thirsting not after Justice, it won't be a hard task to simulate meekness by means of your apathy, and mercifulness making use of your complacency. If you're too busy seeking to be somebody and get "rich" in the system to worry about fighting for and defending Truth, "religion" is right for you. It'll be that "good" among every other you have, wish to have and don't want to forsake to have Good, that "emotional" support, the false imagination that the Secret Agent is with you in the jungle and ready to help you "succeed".

It's easy to know if that's your case: the years go by and you still don't have any extraordinary thing to tell. Or perhaps you did have an experience that was clearly from Him, but that which you saw the world having was still stronger, a greater source of "motivation" for you. Depending on how "normal" and cold are the people you meet at home and the temple you go to, if you're not much of a rebel, you won't stand Out for long, giving in to the idea that having a "religion" is enough and you should focus on more practical "things" that could change your "life". Only a really radical one knows it's "all" the same illusion. Then, if nothing weird ever happened again, it's because you turned your back on the Teacher and fell from Grace.

It's impossible for a woman to get mad when it's a hundredfold Profit she's being called to look at.

The most important Thing of all is enough to set her Up with a smile on her face.