quinta-feira, 4 de julho de 2024

Choosing The "Party"

You already know what "religious" people say with their mouths when they listen to that bullshit speech, but let me give you a little inside information about what they are really thinking: "It makes a lot of sense". Don't you know why? Because "religion" is the devil's strategy to make temptation much stronger than it would be if man cared about interpretation. He was the one who taught Eve to focus on the 'Don't', wasn't he? Don't you get Her? Let's suppose you bring a couple in need into your house, give them food, clothing and even share all you have with them; still, you can't force them to respond to your friendliness and come to your room talk to you, or stop them from going back to the streets if they want to. If you also want to give them free will, you have to offer the means to choose proximity or distance, to stay or to leave. That's why there were two main trees in the Garden; the 'Don't' was the Doctor telling them there was no Good to be found apart from Him, that they would only sacrifice their Health leaving the House. And so they believed and went after a false promise that Life would get better going that which was actually a way of self-destruction.

A happy Independence Day to us who left the "party" to reunite with Dad.

Now we can get really better.