domingo, 7 de julho de 2024

Not Really In Love

The secret to grow in Credit is to look for and be bold enough to say the things you don't see anyone around saying. Right now, everybody in the Room is hearing from the Teacher, "Great job, my boy, for troubling those who pretend to conserve what they don't even seek to have and are as wrong as those feminists". Why do you trust those who believe She is not worthy of all their time and effort? Because they have a label "christian" and go to "church"? Are you sure they're not the "jews" who "believe" in Jesus but not in Sophia? Because it seems those guys "knew" the Scriptures and still they didn't know He was She. Do you believe that those who can't say, write words of Wisdom, are really listening to, reading Her? If they haven't ever experienced any crazy synchronicity, it's because they haven't ever said, written, done anything that pleased Her. Because God not only watches, He reacts.

What do bullies and hypergamous people have to do with Her?

They are miserable, their status is off Line and they are OK with that.