segunda-feira, 15 de julho de 2024

Algum Lugar Ou Lugar Nenhum

Eu estou sempre em outra Dimensão e, em todas as cenas que presencio, minha atenção principal nunca está no objeto que aparentemente estou focando em primeiro plano, está sempre num Objeto invisível. Já houve quem achasse que com uma vibe ruim conseguiria me fazer idólatra, mas tudo que conseguiu foi me conscientizar ainda mais da necessidade de me manter focado. Pois essas pessoas sem um verdadeiro Norte só ajudam a conduzir à miséria e à ruína. Ora, quem quer "prazer" é facilmente enganado pela "ajuda" que elas vêm para oferecer em nome da serpente. E mesmo elas não tendo nada para dar senão confusão, dor e sofrimento, você ainda consegue receber diretamente d'Ele o que busca, pois ao sujeito determinado todas as situações são proveitosas para crescer em Sabedoria.

Eu vivo viajando pelo mundo da Lua, e perdi qualquer noção mundana de tempo e espaço por concentrar-me em produzir frutos dessa busca. Eu não sou um acumulador de memórias ordinárias, pois não creio como o ímpio que uma vida abundante consista em muitas experiências onde o ego é servido como um "rei", onde o Extra não é buscado, muito menos enxergado. Portanto, eu sei desafiar a ideia que muitos têm de que não seja nada emocionante se manter vivendo uma vida caseira e saindo praticamente apenas para ir a um lugar, em apenas um dia da semana. Uma aventura na selva por semana é suficiente para, ao fim do processo, escrever a história de Sabedoria que, esta sim, comunica o que o descrente não é capaz para provar sua "vida" ser realmente interessante. Somente pela Fé alguém vive em 10 anos o que, seguindo o curso do mundo, mesmo em 100 anos seria impossível.

O que faz de um lugar um barraco ou um palácio são as pessoas que moram lá. Mas nem todos querem entrar no Palácio invisível mais do que no palácio de tijolos, nem são capazes de crer que a Estrada dos que só se encaixam Fora seja mais forte do que a dos "homens" e "mulheres".

No Living Water?

What kind of yellow restaurant does not serve living Water?? Girl, we must ignore not the signs and leave right now, because this is not the Shadow we're longing to find to have a good Time together.

domingo, 14 de julho de 2024

Strayed Off Course

O predador caiu aqui e aprisionou a todos no "desejo". Uma vez que sozinho não há esperança de escapar, somente com a ajuda do Extra invisível é possível se levantar e caminhar, viver e sobreviver. E prestando bastante atenção nas instruções do Bom Mestre pelo Rádio, é possível chegar à Nova Holanda à direita. Em caso de distração, você pode ser abatido ao longo do Caminho, desviando-se do Curso para buscar "riqueza" e acabar na Serra das Confusões.

sábado, 13 de julho de 2024

You'll End Up Eating Dust

Dare to defy him and hold the great Opportunity fast; it's All you need for the growth that remains.

Because it's not possible to have the misery and the lot of Fun at the same time.

sexta-feira, 12 de julho de 2024

4444 Nights

First, she approaches you about how from the womb her father had no love for her, like asking for a chance. Then, you go out with her. Later, when she is given a Chance to prove she could be a real woman, she runs away from you when she realizes you are serious and not looking for "fun". Then, at the first "opportunity" to talk about what she was hiding, what she wanted besides "love", she mentions "wealth" and "status", expressing the condition that one needed to "change" to have her for more than one night, only to feel "powerful", a liar that a "man" buys with those lies. You feel manipulated and get mad. She perceives that and "reasons" with her "self", "If he's feeling that way, that means I got the poor guy to like me at last. After the little test, it's showtime". She shows her face with a "smile" and cowardly stabs you, making you immediately remember some word you heard around, that she could have become "religious" out of remorse, after literally killing her father of a heartbreak.

How would that be possible if, according to her, he had no affection for her? I obviously went to the source, to investigate the word, try to understand why she thought that, because suddenly it sounded like a revelation coming straight from the Source. It took months for her to finally disclose that the word she said to me came out of the own perpetrator's mouth. It's hard to get them to speak, since they're all in her same boat and they're not real friends. Why do so many victims in the news give an account of a group of people ready to defend the criminals? Because the so called laymen are not the only ignorant ones there. Geeks also go to the seminary, but few repent and go to School. So they go through "life" with a bad imagination of God, unable to understand Fear and His severity. They can't see they're walking in the stillness of flesh and going nowhere.

There's no such thing as being separated from the wicked world after you die; they're only enjoying being a part of it, despising Sanctity and seeking a lie that gives them "hope", because after all the "pleasure" they don't want the pain. To be purged of the "desire", one must remain submersed in the Water, stay in the Quadra. Baptism is a commitment to change and bring forth good fruits, not the "magic" ritual many believe to be powerful to cleanse them before God from guilt and grant salvation. Salvation is Him, so if you don't desire the Word, how do you expect to inherit a Kingdom you don't want to enter now? People live just like that: they pretend to dive into Her for a moment and emerge still dead to keep searching for the "life" that really matters to them. That is only Mindless physical exercise, vain discipline, just like "confessing" your evil deeds daily; in a gym (or on a bed) you'll feel like you're "working" harder and having more "fun".

The "priest" does not really absolve you, he just gives you that "word" you're looking for in place of the Word to play according to the rule you've been taught. So first you share your dark secret, and then eat the bread you believe can replace the Word and save you. But when you love darkness rather than Light, the world more than the Kingdom, it's no secret you'll end up condemned if you don't really repent. I know what I'm saying because I saw her being "forgiven" for over a decade, and her objective remained the same: to find a "man" that was "better" than her father. And while she didn't find him, she kept using the many "men" he promised to give her. That is, her "conversion" was never about having Love, it was about having a "man" that had more money than her father and could give her the "life" she wanted.

Of Course, any fool thinking she'd treat him right for having "more" would not be able to escape her father's fate, because the miserable one who relies on "mercy" to keep her abundant malice in which she trusts to have "pleasure" and feel "alive" would still only have a big heartbreak to give.

quinta-feira, 11 de julho de 2024

Marrying Well

Building a deep "friendship" with your "self" can be deadly, since you're only going to be able to hear those "things" that pertain to its domain. Without questioning, any word of "hope" and "opportunity" will always look bright in your imagination. Do you know what I mean? Jesus knew, exactly, because what the devil was offering again was "life" in his world, his boat, "I have a woman for you, or many, for they're all under my control and I can give you them; all you need to do is be my friend". And He knew that meant spiritual death, which was the cause of physical death, so He'd rather be killed than accept to suicide.

If you're willing to lose your real Job, he can give you a new "job" to buy all the coats in the world.

He can give you any drink you want, except living Water.

Mother Agent

So you can play with Magic?

On Courage From Above

I try not to be harsh, like, "Hey, piece of shit, repent", because people have qualities, which we should not ignore. But they are in no way enough, and whenever we are being nice, trying to make them invest in that faithful and true self asleep somewhere within them, there's always the possibility of being misunderstood. Especially when you're dealing with people who are already used to being flattered by others, they might not get the Message and believe you're but another fool idolizing them. If it's hard to make "random people" adventurers, just imagine those who are surrounded by thousands, millions of fans, and rely on the "nourishment" those vain words provide them with.

My theory is that the elect are born with faith as their greatest quality, and when they choose to use it and realize it works, it gets Spirit powered and becomes Faith. When Jesus called Peter blessed for succesfully communicating with the Father and believing correctly, he probably thought he wasn't still able to communicate with the other "father" and receive lies. That's why he took Jesus for little "talk" LOL. Later he uses his natural courage to say that though he should die with Him, he would not deny Him, and all the disciples communicate with him and say the same. So what were they ignoring? That wisdom which says no one can first give to Him; they needed to receive Courage from Him.

Faith only works accompanied by humility, by a strong sense of dependence to achieve absolutely anything. I believe He is pleased when one despises what his natural abilities can do for him "self", aware that they're only fulfilling working together with the Gift. That's why we must be vigilant if we want the Lord always with us building the house, because all it takes for the Gift to leave the partnership is to start thinking about, wishing for the same "things" the world desires.

quarta-feira, 10 de julho de 2024

Microsoft Woke Up Today In London

It's always Time to search for my Life.

The World Is Any "Thing" But Serious And Fun

Earlier today I was thinking about that movie The Sweetest Thing, which it's no joke, I really think it's stupid. I watched only some scenes and realized it was about promiscuous girls who got tired of the "game" and started wondering that maybe the time had come to consider the "serious" thing. So I never watched it in its entirety. Because I don't think it's cool to treat that as something normal, like, "Hey, Neo, it just sounds like you need to unplug and see the comedy in horror". I'd rather do that watching Tales from the Crypt, where the outcome is never "good", so I find myself with Her on the couch laughing. Maybe for not wanting to talk to me, Lilo fell into the trap and thought she could "relax". And I noticed how Angel hardly "smiles".

I didn't know her mom was an animal activist... I think now I have a clue why she was in Quadra with me. Don't you understand? Those souls have a natural ability to suspect there's something wrong with the world.

By the way, the vampires are back.

I've just woken up with them destroying me.

How About Letting Me Live?

Send Her to my door.

There Is Life On The Line


After seventeen years on this earth, I had already been in contact with an ocean of words and the water looked so still. Then I've sent a message to the supreme Chief Commander, "I need a Quadra". And I was like, "Are you just kidding??". Now if this thing can't be used to ask for It, I don't know how else could it be useful. Actually, I realize anything is useless without Him. If I don't want to stay put, I must use my input and my output, my ears and my mouth, for Communication's sake.

Enough Of This Bullshit

The god without a God game is a damn game.

The Cobra is calling from the other Tree.


Home is where there is Passion.

You bet.

What Is A Geek?

A geek is anyone at the "present" time.

You are nerdy until you get Her and become sexy.

I Get All Her Messages

She answers all my questions and I leave no question unanswered.

I am a dedicated student of the bright Arts.

Wisdom Is Content

She does not change your "status" in the disconnected world until an apparent change can be seen as an outcome of your search, because fools are guided by appearance. So if they don't "smile" to you while you're "poor", you will see the manifestation of their "desire" when they see you owning those "things" they'd like to have. What for? Since they don't seek Her, they'd never be able to find a purpose for them and make them real. Nonetheless, you'll feel that they are "vibrant" towards you, communicating with their eyes that they'd love to be close to you. Obviously, it's because of their idols, not the One inside you or you.

Fools, who don't find their peace and safety in Her, and don't talk to you now that you're not "wealthy" and have no "goods" to show them, pretending they have a good reason not to do it, thinking, "I'm not going to talk to that guy because I don't know who he is", will definitely find the "courage" that lacks in them when you "change". No matter how wise you become, since they themselves are not wholeheartedly looking for Her, they'll still have doubts about you, as if the problem were in you. A lot of what do they want? If you have a lot of Her, you have enough for yourself and another just soul, except for the unstable.

Why was Jesus so problematic? If He was the Solution, couldn't He just have shown them "more" so that they could finally decide to "believe" in Him? Well, isn't it obvious? Then He would no longer be giving Himself, but the lies they wanted.

Don't you think that weakness of mind stinks? Because most people in this bizarre world respect the wicked for being "famous". Would someone with Content have a greater chance of having messages answered in there if they were empty but he or she were "famous"? This is the fallen star's world and we know the control he has over their souls. He's done a great "job" stealing their Reason, hasn't he? Because they can't even think that that super "different" person that makes them all "excited" is nothing but a piece of meat that will rot under ground with the "random ones", and is in danger of spending the eternity with him who invented the "fame" shit.

According to the Message, anyone who does not forsake "all" cannot come to the Moon and have Good. And if you do not have the desire of One in you, you cannot return to the State. That means whosoever can't talk to us at the moment, can't talk because they're not in the Classroom and therefore their lips are not the mine they should be to be really relevant. Because there's only one love of Cinema that matters to receive and give, and every other "love" is nerdy. That is, if you can't sell the world, you can't buy the Truth and be a real man or woman. You'll remain nothing but a "christian", a "church" goer and appearance reader who cannot have your broken LINK fixed.

It's true what they read and say: God gave the Word. However, the ones who truly believe in Him are those who receive the whole Word, and not only the parts they find convenient, suitable, fitting in there where the "life" they want and seek is. For even those parts they are unable to interpret correctly without answering to the Call as a disciple does.

If you're not one of us, every new day you'll still be in danger, out of the good While.

Just make sure you are not really a part of the "club".

terça-feira, 9 de julho de 2024


Quinze minutos? Em que mundo esse entrevistador está? E o entrevistado? Isso é uma expectativa totalmente irreal, considerando que primeiro um indivíduo precisa de anos "estudando", e depois de décadas "trabalhando". Só então ele poderá se aposentar e estará livre para dar a devida atenção à tua Mensagem.

Nobody Is Promised Forever

I remember listening to a pastor's testimony in which he told the story of when he was called by the Spirit to bring a young boy back from the dead. That was many years ago, and I don't remember anything he said that day, except, "I don't know what that boy prayed". That phrase was strong enough to find for itself a place among my specially useful memories, because it expressed the immediate knowledge he had when he saw him alive again that God said it wasn't over for the kid because of something he said. I imagine it was written all over his face he knew exactly why he was back here. What do you think? Could you, who ask for very expensive or even cheaper "things", guess which words were on his mind when he found himself breathing again?

You don't have all the time to look for money and only after you have found the "tranquility" and the "luxury" you want seek Wisdom. You are boasting about a control you do not have, to later be proud of your "self" for "all" you've come to have if you're lucky enough to survive. Besides, a materialized idol is harder to forsake than that which is only a "dream". And those journalists who write praising "successful" people, they just don't know the Truth. They may even write "good things" about you after you're dead, but your ego won't be here anymore to feel the "pleasure" they used to bring you. It's dangerous to trust "society", for it knows nothing about the other Side and its "glory" has nothing to do with Her.

Have you ever seen a "glorious" individual who was proud of Jesus? Does anyone need to be wise and virtuous to be somebody in the world? You can become ultra "famous" there with a fake reason that thinks, "She eat your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer". What a "smart" phrase, huh? One must be way too vain and stupid to read or hear that and find it "cool", too numb to ignore that one needs to actually despise real Fun to be able to write that. A fool is lots of "fun" to a fool, so if the whole world is into idolatry and dark "relationships", looking for that strong "emotion" in them, even if you can't find that good looking sociopath you "dream" about, you can still anesthetize the loneliness writing to other unambitious fools.

I got too much on the Line to feel attracted by, desire any "thing" in that disconnected world.

I don't waste my Time writing to them, since they don't (want to) have anything I want to return.

segunda-feira, 8 de julho de 2024

The Shadow Within

Certa vez perguntei a uma menina se ela conhecia outra, de sua mesma cidade natal e que frequentava aquele mesmo templo, e ela respondeu que não. Em seguida me perguntou, "Ela é bonita?", e eu, sabendo se tratar de uma pergunta ordinária, respondi, "É, é bonitinha". Porque bonita mesmo é só quem fala a Palavra Mágica, se é que você me entende, e eu ainda não tinha evidências concretas de que ela falava a Língua. Mas eu fiz a pergunta porque achava ela uma boa influência, pelo menos parecia ter relacionamento com o Mestre.

Naquele ano ainda, ela deixou uma mensagem não respondida, depois mandei outra perguntando se ainda estava lá. Como não respondeu, nunca mais compartilhei nada. Durante a pandemia, achei o número da pessoa sobre quem fiz a pergunta num backup (porque havia perdido todos os meus contatos em 2017, quando roubaram meu celular pela segunda vez voltando do "job"). Adicionei-a e mandei um "Oi", que ela respondeu, mas quando tentei conversar sobre Música, que eu achava que ela gostava, nem leu a mensagem, e também nunca mais compartilhei nada.

Algum tempo depois, as duas apareceram juntas lá, e descobri que o destino havia se encarregado de cruzar o caminho das duas na faculdade de medicina. Eu pensei, "Ahh, será que uma aconselhou a outra sobre como se ver livre da Medicinema?". Porque a que me perguntou se ela era bonita era mais "confiante", sempre foi embora sem se despedir, mas a outra, mesmo depois de me evitar no WhatsApp, ainda teve a cara de pau de ser "educada" e se despedir de mim pessoalmente. Eu fiquei pensando se online ela não estava colocando em prática algum "conselho".

No meu último ano no "job", eu mencionei o nome da "confiante" numa conversa, e a pessoa me perguntou, "Qual? Aquela que era modelo e dançava balé?". Esse primeiro "job", algum tempo depois que ela sumiu, me contaram a respeito, mas sobre o outro eu não sabia, "Balé??". Foi então que eu lembrei que havia mandado para a mesma no WhatsApp aquele quadro extraído de Os Agentes do Destino com o jornal que mostrava a fofoca sobre a "carreira" da Elise e o "casamento" dela. Eu suspeito que ela achou que eu estava sonhando pequeno.

A "igreja" é um território invertido, então ainda que você critique uma "parceria" como sendo ilusória e pequena, como o resto do mundo eles continuam enxergando como grandiosa e frutífera. Porque também eles acreditam em "sucesso". Então talvez ela tenha achado que meu objetivo era conquistá-la, fazê-la desistir de ter um "job" com mais "status" e ser alguém no mundo, para viver pobrezinha comigo. Muito pelo contrário, na minha conversa só quem está cego pela cobiça de "coisas" não enxerga que, "sozinho" ou acompanhado, meu objetivo é enriquecer.

E se foi o Agente Secreto dando a ela uma Chance? Não teve a Coragem suficiente para confiar n'Ele. Mas foi a frieza da "amiga" dela que mais contribuiu para ativar minha rage e convencer-me a deixar meu bad self fazer o serviço dele. Porque eu ainda me preocupei em alertá-la sobre o que estava acontecendo naquele lugar, mas quando vi que ela continuou indo, como se a bizarrice fosse normal e aceitável para aquele ambiente, eu descobri que ela realmente ignorava a Palavra em primeiro Lugar.

Ela estava na mesma escola dos maliciosos, só precisava encontrar um "parceiro" para conversar putaria e crescer no "conhecimento". Uma vez que é muito tímida, ela não tem "coragem", mas se andar com aquela outra que é uma mina de "tesouros" da maldade, ela logo perde a inibição para se aproximar de suas vítimas, como o bandido que me assaltou e me fez perder o contato dela.

Depois que descobri o plano para assaltar minha alma, minha energia Rei KI carregou.

A Bala na minha boca pode fazer viver, mas pode matar também.

Taking The Crazy Train

I'm building my incredibility.

You should plant a Good Spell too.

"He's The Psycho!"

Pupil del Master.


Are You Del Rey?

"The wise shall inherit glory: but shame shall be the promotion of fools."

It's best you ladies don't stay put and go back to School.

Freak with us.


"How long wilt thou sleep, O sluggard? when wilt thou arise out of thy sleep?"

It's an improvement over the old one, don't you think?

Don't go Out with the boy, for he will rub off on you and make you extremely bad.

Foundations Out Of Course,0de46526a538962dbd7b1019ebe434240bw79qin.html

O ex-marido da divorciada, separada, não sei ao certo, acessou o celular da nerd de "religião" e descobriu o que ela faz quando viaja.

Os pagãos entram em relacionamentos em busca de apoio "emocional", "material" e "sexual". E "mulher" não tem empatia, então quando alguma das "coisas" de que ela precisa faltar, ela não irá hesitar em buscar aquilo em outro "homem". Através da incapacidade da pessoa em falar a Língua com você, você já sabe em qual sala ela está e o que te aguarda.

É por isso que eu só gosto das malvadas, de preferência as da primeira fila.

Ei diabo, vai se fuder!

Time Is Tricking

The King is the Queen of the House.

domingo, 7 de julho de 2024

Appear Online

Watch Out for that tree.

It's a mimic unsteady Cinder.

Not Really In Love

The secret to grow in Credit is to look for and be bold enough to say the things you don't see anyone around saying. Right now, everybody in the Room is hearing from the Teacher, "Great job, my boy, for troubling those who pretend to conserve what they don't even seek to have and are as wrong as those feminists". Why do you trust those who believe She is not worthy of all their time and effort? Because they have a label "christian" and go to "church"? Are you sure they're not the "jews" who "believe" in Jesus but not in Sophia? Because it seems those guys "knew" the Scriptures and still they didn't know He was She. Do you believe that those who can't say, write words of Wisdom, are really listening to, reading Her? If they haven't ever experienced any crazy synchronicity, it's because they haven't ever said, written, done anything that pleased Her. Because God not only watches, He reacts.

What do bullies and hypergamous people have to do with Her?

They are miserable, their status is off Line and they are OK with that.

Just Come Live And Smile With Us

I've heard a "woman" say a man must stop working, to get the "things" she wanted if he wanted to have her, and that was in a fucking "church". And I wondered why she felt so "comfortable" to say that shit in there, until He answered me: they're all just like her, happy fools under the same spell the rest of the Faithless world is. There was no Fear in her that she could be expelled from that place for saying and doing those "things", not even by God Himself, because she knew she was not somewhere pupils gather. I was in a temple and knowing not I was surrounded by the "club" she hates, though there were signs that they supported his lie, of a "watching God". Maybe the repentless workers of iniquity think that if they watch and even "celebrate" the Word they don't really know, that is enough for them to be saved. Because She is so "boring" compared to the "fun" they want and have, that after a whole "life" wanting not to listen to Him, they'll hear, "Good job, warriors, for bearing the pain weekly and even daily. Now you may come In to where you've never wanted to be".

She used to answer she couldn't talk to me and embrace the opportunity to grow together because she was "praying" or "working" at the "moment". And there were others who never gave an excuse, but obviously I knew it was because they were "studying" and thinking I was as worldly as them and interested in "dating". I don't know if their "dating" is as dirty as hers, but, since they're not in School, if they want to deepen the "knowledge", that's the only direction available to take, of malicious growth. There's no Protection in "religion"; any good looking sociopath can convince those "women" to do whatever they want and have his "fun" before they can finally realize they should have taken the crazy Train. They need to taste what does it mean he's come to destroy, because whoever is sitting on the fence is already flirting with darkness. The wickedness my investigation uncovered can't offend those who have never wanted More. They still had not chosen Grace and Justice, and were concerned in the same "mercy" that the swine who trample the Pearl under their feet are.

Those carnal and unserious "christians" are so nerdy; they don't say anything, yet their status is always showing "online". What is so interesting about that tool that makes them spend so much time using it? Are they training to hit those characters and be able to string together some words and form at least one relevant phrase? Oh, I think I'm going to wait for them to send me a little love here, and in the mean time I'm going to search for the same "things" the lay down in danger "man" and "woman" are after, to be ready to send them a "present" when I am notified of that Future my intuition tells me will take one hundred years to arrive. Friends, if you can believe, don't be deceived by ordinary worldly people only because there is 'God' and 'Jesus' on some phrases they say, because Wisdom is in His disciples and in the Kingdom only. You'll never meet one "religious" individual who does not keep within that secret condition of finding that "happiness" the "party" people have before forsaking "all" to follow Christ. Does Jesus understand? I don't think so.

Do you want a little motivation to rebel? Now you might be numb, but If one day that hell on earth affects you and you find yourself in deep pain and sadness, know that they won't give a shit about you, they'll keep "smiling" and "laughing" while you cry. Because "life" must go on, and they won't wake up from the "dream" only to help you; they are focused on "changing" and "enjoying" while they can, before the foolish game is over and no time is left to search for more lies. Not even committing the stupidity their prince wants you to do against yourself trying to put an end to the suffering will make any of them feel sorry. So what does that insane "society" you see everywhere mean? That you're on your own here to get a real Smile for yourself. And you must keep searching for Her as She deserves if you don't want to fall from Grace into "religion". It's not that I'm fast and they're sluggish, the problem is that they're not even in the same Course.

Oh, I'm so sorry if this hurts your ego.

I think I've kissed the lips of my bad self.


Staying in a different Dimension is sweeter than "winning".

I don't know how to slow down.

sábado, 6 de julho de 2024

Blowing Blessings

So... before coming home I stopped by the store in which the radio seemed to be broken last Time, and it was silent, no hissing noise this Time. But then it started playing a song that talked about a wine and a plane that took the lips that should be mine away. Well, that's not exactly what the song you find out there says, it's what we listen to when we are Out there. Because the Extraordinary is nowhere to be found, except within us, if we choose to live in this different Time searching for the Treasure like crazy.

Was I supposed to be jealous? I tried, but I couldn't, because the ears were never really His, so how could the lips be mine? Since whoever can't hear has not much to say, I don't waste my Time searching for, imagining in my mind, that is worthless without, disconnected from the Mind, any ordinary word I may not have been selected to hear, because that's no real privilege to me. I know those places are full of his favorite sin, and of Course I believe that losing has its advantages.

That's my real Job, that's what I do.

I win the Teacher.

Ready Steady Go

"For that ye ought to say, If the Lord will, we shall live, and do this, or that."

Most people, including those you meet at "church", are like, "Please, God, I can't die yet, I still need to buy a helicopter and an island", and He answers, "What for?". Since they are too busy with their "dreams" to question what's really relevant to have, they can't hear Him, and therefore He just wishes them good luck. Sometimes they're not that "ambitious", still that doesn't mean they're humble, though they think that wanting cheaper "things" makes them eligible for divine intervention.

Why would I return to "society"? To be another poor soul who's got more important "things" to care about than to become rich? There is no Happiness away from the sanctity of Sophia; you'll never be really important to and respected by someone who is in there, until he or she decides to seek Her first as their most prized Thing of all and leave that wicked, separated from Him world. Does it matter to be surrounded by a multitude of things and people without a purpose? In that world you will always be alone.

The Speech

You lose Reason here, you're in a world of hurt again.

I'm crazy already, so I think letting a crazy girl rub off on you is a sure recipe for success.

Do You Want More?

"Or who hath first given to him, and it shall be recompensed unto him again?"

When they hear from each other, "Give me a chance", they think it's a dream come true. What could go wrong? Everything, if both are empty and wanting not the same Thing. How do we analyze if their heads are over Hills? A chance to give or receive? If both have not received Love first, they would only be asking each other for what neither of them has to give. Then it's going to be always only a matter of time for the ego war to begin. Because that's what the unbeliever really expects the other to be: her God or his Goddess. So it's not cute to hear them say, "Give me a chance to be loved by you". It's insane.

It's different when you're dealing with a believer, who might not know he or she can believe, and they see the Thing in you. Or it could also happen that they are so drunk that they are unable to see, but later they come to realize all that time you have never been alone. And I also understand that someone who likes you could go straight to the Source because of you, to be able to say, "Give me a chance to love you". Maybe a person who doesn't like you so much would not change for you, feel inspired to be this mature. It's lovely when one wants to have all the really nice things you'd like to hear. That's ambitious.

Whoever wants Protection, to receive and give, is an angel. But in a world where people are obsessed with their own will, they'd rather believe they can handle it by them "selves". Well, most don't seem to perceive that even if they're not possessed, they still have an enemy within to deal with. So until you find Truth and decide that's All you want to keep looking for, you're still a part of that wicked system and defenseless against its threats. It's true, going to "church" profits nothing. Even the devil goes to "church" and feels at home there, because he is hearing bullshit in Truth's clothing, they don't really know what they're talking about.

What happens when you talk about the little church to a girl in codes? The moment you turn around she'll probably understand it's a code, because even in the "church" they are about asking for a chance to be "loved". If you were not mistaken about her and her dislike of the "club" and the "party", it's going to be hard for her to walk away without asking her faithful self what were you trying to do. It's a battle though, because her "self" is also there trying to take control, telling her there's no Truth to be found Out there, like, "God? He only watches. You can't stay at home forever, you've got to party and taste what the world has to offer".

The "chemistry" people seek in others who are no Where real lovers are, is no different from that of drugs. So if you're thinking about using some strange girl or boy's body, the first line of cocaine is still a "better" deal, it's more "intense".

sexta-feira, 5 de julho de 2024


Hey, friends, do you think she looks like someone we know?

Loja Do Stitch?

Hoje eu digitei "Shopping Del Rey" no Google Maps e, assim que mandei buscar, um elefante animado saltou na tela acenando. Não sei que easter egg é esse, mas foi a primeira vez que vi. E é lógico que eu fui lá ver o que me aguardava. Então, chegando na loja situada no território do antigo fliperama, eu fui olhando a quantidade de produtos do Stitch e pensei, "Gente, isso não tá normal... será que lançou filme novo?". Eu contei 22 estampas diferentes em camisas e sweaters, mostrando o Stitch sozinho, com a Angel ou apenas a Angel, sem contar 1 tênis, 1 boné e 1 calça. Nenhum outro personagem chegava nem perto de ter tanta variedade assim. Curiosamente, a Lilo não aparecia em nenhuma. E essa Angel eu não conhecia. Agora eu tenho que assistir esse filme para ver o que acontece dessa vez.

O que será que a Lilo fez para ficar impopular assim de uma hora para a outra?

Prefiro nem saber.

The Whole Word

"But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name:"

Wisdom is ONE, so if you've really received Her with all your heart, you know how to link all Her words. And if you don't know, that means you're not really saved. Because Salvation requires persistence. And why do "christians" believe that the word about "judging" not is what's going to keep them safe from being judged by God? Does He hate hypocrisy only and not evil? Or does that word mean only the flawless should judge? Actually, in all of those false interpretations we can detect one worrisome "thing": "fear". It means they're not searching for Her, so how can they find true Safety remaining apathetic? And no one who does not seek Wealth can be really merciful, given that the virtue in question is not about telling people that they don't have to change and please Him, that they can focus on "tranquility" and a house full of sacrifices of true words. If the "fear" remains, that means it's a horror story you're going to live in there.

Everyone knows what a fool thinks when he reads John the Baptist's story, "I'd have stayed quiet and saved my life". What he doesn't know is that he's staying in "quietness" and saving his "life" since the day he was born. If you don't have Something you'd die for, you're not living at all. Maybe those individuals were not even elect, so why bother to judge them? Because God not only watches; a prophet tells what He thinks about what they're doing and what He's going to do if they don't change. Some bitches and some morons can repent and be saved, others can't. But all must know the earth is not theirs to do whatever they want. He created a place called hell for the souls who do not obey the Truth; God does not force anyone to serve Him, but the one who reigns there does. That means hell is not that place of ultimate "freedom" they might think it is, full of "pleasures". Instead, the reality of sin is revealed there, and in addition to finding the utmost pain and despair, they still have no choice but to obey the most cruel being in the universe.

Frightening, isn't it?

One must have no "fear" to think and see these things.

quinta-feira, 4 de julho de 2024

Choosing The "Party"

You already know what "religious" people say with their mouths when they listen to that bullshit speech, but let me give you a little inside information about what they are really thinking: "It makes a lot of sense". Don't you know why? Because "religion" is the devil's strategy to make temptation much stronger than it would be if man cared about interpretation. He was the one who taught Eve to focus on the 'Don't', wasn't he? Don't you get Her? Let's suppose you bring a couple in need into your house, give them food, clothing and even share all you have with them; still, you can't force them to respond to your friendliness and come to your room talk to you, or stop them from going back to the streets if they want to. If you also want to give them free will, you have to offer the means to choose proximity or distance, to stay or to leave. That's why there were two main trees in the Garden; the 'Don't' was the Doctor telling them there was no Good to be found apart from Him, that they would only sacrifice their Health leaving the House. And so they believed and went after a false promise that Life would get better going that which was actually a way of self-destruction.

A happy Independence Day to us who left the "party" to reunite with Dad.

Now we can get really better.

The Legend Within

Of Course, Nobody knows where they've gone.

Rebellious Or Treacherous?

A "church" is the best place for a drunk soul, who doesn't have a reason to wake up, to pretend virtue and deceive other fools. Because most people there believe in a "good" and severeless God, so if you can't feel anything for thirsting not after Justice, it won't be a hard task to simulate meekness by means of your apathy, and mercifulness making use of your complacency. If you're too busy seeking to be somebody and get "rich" in the system to worry about fighting for and defending Truth, "religion" is right for you. It'll be that "good" among every other you have, wish to have and don't want to forsake to have Good, that "emotional" support, the false imagination that the Secret Agent is with you in the jungle and ready to help you "succeed".

It's easy to know if that's your case: the years go by and you still don't have any extraordinary thing to tell. Or perhaps you did have an experience that was clearly from Him, but that which you saw the world having was still stronger, a greater source of "motivation" for you. Depending on how "normal" and cold are the people you meet at home and the temple you go to, if you're not much of a rebel, you won't stand Out for long, giving in to the idea that having a "religion" is enough and you should focus on more practical "things" that could change your "life". Only a really radical one knows it's "all" the same illusion. Then, if nothing weird ever happened again, it's because you turned your back on the Teacher and fell from Grace.

It's impossible for a woman to get mad when it's a hundredfold Profit she's being called to look at.

The most important Thing of all is enough to set her Up with a smile on her face.

Ready Set Go

Get mad and don't try to get their madness, unless in a hospital without Doctor is where you want to be.

Between Demons And Feminists

I remember reading, a year ago or so, a long review about Say Anything, full of complexities, where she tried to convince the reader that Lloyd was really that great loser, that hopeless case of one without a future in the world her father believed he was, and Diane the brilliant mind who had become the poor thing to be pitied because of a man. And she wrote as if that was Cameron Crowe's intention with the script almost no one could interpret. People watch and perceive not only movies, but all that they see out there, from a perspective that depends on where they themselves are and want to be. In that case, if she wasn't a conscious feminist, she had a lot in common with those who openly proclaim and hold firm to that worldview.

What is feminism anyway? Some might think it's about equality of rights, and it is indeed, especially regarding iniquity. If "men" see "women" as objects to be used and discarded, they want the right to do the same without being judged for that. And it's also about ego "empowerment", that is, to believe she doesn't need "man" and is the center of the universe, so if one of them wants to keep a "woman", he must know how to please and serve her as his Goddess. An impossible task for sure, since the individual would need to "change" without God's help and have more than He could actually give. It's a "philosophy" from hell that occurs unconsciously in many, since all it takes to learn it is to be in tune with selfishness and wickedness.

Once you identify that, stay away from her, because you have just spotted a being who is unable to love even naturally.

quarta-feira, 3 de julho de 2024

Yo Sello

Tú sellas.

There's Fate And There's One Chance

O único juízo que o mundo faz é o da aparência; uma aparência agradável transforma quem a possui em uma pessoa boa sem que precise dizer uma palavra. Logo aparecem muitos querendo "ajudá-la". Ora, do que eu estou falando? Você já viu uma menina ou um menino de boa aparência trabalhando num emprego dos mais baixos da escala do "trabalho"? Se viu, eles estão lá por "milagre", porque nenhum olheiro os descobriu ainda para oferecer uma "vida" fácil. É uma tarefa quase impossível encontrar alguém que rejeite as portas que se abrem no mundo por humildade e ambição de querer aquela que só Ele abre.

Certa vez, saindo da igreja dos escravos na cidade da pedra e dos índios para ir ao Extra (mesmo supermercado onde comprei Deus No Limite em Belo Horizonte), havia uma menina assim, de boa aparência, trabalhando com panfletagem na porta da loja. E é claro que eu meditei, "Quão guerreira será ela para negar as muitas propostas que ainda virão?".

Quem não tem acesso a meus emails agora sabe o que eu andei lendo. Se você quiser se aventurar pelo mesmo território, eu já aviso que você irá se "arrepender". Não é agradável, há muitos desafios e perigos a serem enfrentados na mente pelo caminho rumo até onde você gostaria de estar na Mente.

Mas ó[lha]... 👀

Vale a pena. 🏡

7777 Days

Have you already tried calculating when it's going to be?

My Melody Also Is Running The Show

No dia em que resolvi percorrer a orla da Lagoa dos Ingleses a partir do Alphaville, eu levei apenas duas músicas comigo para ouvir, Cranberries - Show Me The Way e The Glitch Mob - We Can Make The World Stop (que fiquei conhecendo através daquele vídeo da Original Skateboards). Eu, que guardo meus segredos, sei exatamente como acabo mexendo com a cabeça e o coração de uma gazela.


We love when she is a weirdo and a warrior.