terça-feira, 9 de julho de 2024

Nobody Is Promised Forever

I remember listening to a pastor's testimony in which he told the story of when he was called by the Spirit to bring a young boy back from the dead. That was many years ago, and I don't remember anything he said that day, except, "I don't know what that boy prayed". That phrase was strong enough to find for itself a place among my specially useful memories, because it expressed the immediate knowledge he had when he saw him alive again that God said it wasn't over for the kid because of something he said. I imagine it was written all over his face he knew exactly why he was back here. What do you think? Could you, who ask for very expensive or even cheaper "things", guess which words were on his mind when he found himself breathing again?

You don't have all the time to look for money and only after you have found the "tranquility" and the "luxury" you want seek Wisdom. You are boasting about a control you do not have, to later be proud of your "self" for "all" you've come to have if you're lucky enough to survive. Besides, a materialized idol is harder to forsake than that which is only a "dream". And those journalists who write praising "successful" people, they just don't know the Truth. They may even write "good things" about you after you're dead, but your ego won't be here anymore to feel the "pleasure" they used to bring you. It's dangerous to trust "society", for it knows nothing about the other Side and its "glory" has nothing to do with Her.

Have you ever seen a "glorious" individual who was proud of Jesus? Does anyone need to be wise and virtuous to be somebody in the world? You can become ultra "famous" there with a fake reason that thinks, "She eat your heart out like Jeffrey Dahmer". What a "smart" phrase, huh? One must be way too vain and stupid to read or hear that and find it "cool", too numb to ignore that one needs to actually despise real Fun to be able to write that. A fool is lots of "fun" to a fool, so if the whole world is into idolatry and dark "relationships", looking for that strong "emotion" in them, even if you can't find that good looking sociopath you "dream" about, you can still anesthetize the loneliness writing to other unambitious fools.

I got too much on the Line to feel attracted by, desire any "thing" in that disconnected world.

I don't waste my Time writing to them, since they don't (want to) have anything I want to return.