quinta-feira, 4 de julho de 2024

Between Demons And Feminists

I remember reading, a year ago or so, a long review about Say Anything, full of complexities, where she tried to convince the reader that Lloyd was really that great loser, that hopeless case of one without a future in the world her father believed he was, and Diane the brilliant mind who had become the poor thing to be pitied because of a man. And she wrote as if that was Cameron Crowe's intention with the script almost no one could interpret. People watch and perceive not only movies, but all that they see out there, from a perspective that depends on where they themselves are and want to be. In that case, if she wasn't a conscious feminist, she had a lot in common with those who openly proclaim and hold firm to that worldview.

What is feminism anyway? Some might think it's about equality of rights, and it is indeed, especially regarding iniquity. If "men" see "women" as objects to be used and discarded, they want the right to do the same without being judged for that. And it's also about ego "empowerment", that is, to believe she doesn't need "man" and is the center of the universe, so if one of them wants to keep a "woman", he must know how to please and serve her as his Goddess. An impossible task for sure, since the individual would need to "change" without God's help and have more than He could actually give. It's a "philosophy" from hell that occurs unconsciously in many, since all it takes to learn it is to be in tune with selfishness and wickedness.

Once you identify that, stay away from her, because you have just spotted a being who is unable to love even naturally.