domingo, 7 de julho de 2024

Just Come Live And Smile With Us

I've heard a "woman" say a man must stop working, to get the "things" she wanted if he wanted to have her, and that was in a fucking "church". And I wondered why she felt so "comfortable" to say that shit in there, until He answered me: they're all just like her, happy fools under the same spell the rest of the Faithless world is. There was no Fear in her that she could be expelled from that place for saying and doing those "things", not even by God Himself, because she knew she was not somewhere pupils gather. I was in a temple and knowing not I was surrounded by the "club" she hates, though there were signs that they supported his lie, of a "watching God". Maybe the repentless workers of iniquity think that if they watch and even "celebrate" the Word they don't really know, that is enough for them to be saved. Because She is so "boring" compared to the "fun" they want and have, that after a whole "life" wanting not to listen to Him, they'll hear, "Good job, warriors, for bearing the pain weekly and even daily. Now you may come In to where you've never wanted to be".

She used to answer she couldn't talk to me and embrace the opportunity to grow together because she was "praying" or "working" at the "moment". And there were others who never gave an excuse, but obviously I knew it was because they were "studying" and thinking I was as worldly as them and interested in "dating". I don't know if their "dating" is as dirty as hers, but, since they're not in School, if they want to deepen the "knowledge", that's the only direction available to take, of malicious growth. There's no Protection in "religion"; any good looking sociopath can convince those "women" to do whatever they want and have his "fun" before they can finally realize they should have taken the crazy Train. They need to taste what does it mean he's come to destroy, because whoever is sitting on the fence is already flirting with darkness. The wickedness my investigation uncovered can't offend those who have never wanted More. They still had not chosen Grace and Justice, and were concerned in the same "mercy" that the swine who trample the Pearl under their feet are.

Those carnal and unserious "christians" are so nerdy; they don't say anything, yet their status is always showing "online". What is so interesting about that tool that makes them spend so much time using it? Are they training to hit those characters and be able to string together some words and form at least one relevant phrase? Oh, I think I'm going to wait for them to send me a little love here, and in the mean time I'm going to search for the same "things" the lay down in danger "man" and "woman" are after, to be ready to send them a "present" when I am notified of that Future my intuition tells me will take one hundred years to arrive. Friends, if you can believe, don't be deceived by ordinary worldly people only because there is 'God' and 'Jesus' on some phrases they say, because Wisdom is in His disciples and in the Kingdom only. You'll never meet one "religious" individual who does not keep within that secret condition of finding that "happiness" the "party" people have before forsaking "all" to follow Christ. Does Jesus understand? I don't think so.

Do you want a little motivation to rebel? Now you might be numb, but If one day that hell on earth affects you and you find yourself in deep pain and sadness, know that they won't give a shit about you, they'll keep "smiling" and "laughing" while you cry. Because "life" must go on, and they won't wake up from the "dream" only to help you; they are focused on "changing" and "enjoying" while they can, before the foolish game is over and no time is left to search for more lies. Not even committing the stupidity their prince wants you to do against yourself trying to put an end to the suffering will make any of them feel sorry. So what does that insane "society" you see everywhere mean? That you're on your own here to get a real Smile for yourself. And you must keep searching for Her as She deserves if you don't want to fall from Grace into "religion". It's not that I'm fast and they're sluggish, the problem is that they're not even in the same Course.

Oh, I'm so sorry if this hurts your ego.

I think I've kissed the lips of my bad self.